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ENERGIZER® Touch Tech Keychain
ENERGIZER® Touch Tech Keychain
ENERGIZER® Touch Tech Keychain

ENERGIZER® Touch Tech Keychain

Energizer® Handheld Light with Touch Tech Technology


The Energizer® Keychain Light with Touch Tech Technology combines the latest patented technology for easy, intuitive use. With the switchless innovation of Touch Tech, users get instant illumination just by grasping the light. Just release your grip when done using, and Touch Tech smoothly turns off the light. Touch Tech ensures that your light is never left on accidentally and helps extend battery life. This technology makes this keychain light very convenient and easy to use.

  • Switchless on/off touch power
  • Designed for maximum convenience – grip the light for instant illumination and release it to smoothly turn of
  • Compact size make it a convenient light to have at all times
  • Light modes : beam
Light Mode Beam
Lumens 20 Lumens
Run Time (h) 5 Hours
Beam Distance 10
Impact Resistance 1 M

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