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Energizer® Mini Charger

The Energizer Mini Charger is perfect when you are on the go, and when you don’t need to charge many batteries at one time. The ultra-compact battery charger is stylish and light-weight, making it a perfect travelling companion that keeps all your devices running, wherever you go. Charges one or two AA or AAA rechargeable […]


Energizer® Base Charger

The Energizer Base Charger takes both AA and AAA batteries, and is the perfect way to keep your everyday devices running. Its great value for money, and can be easily tucked away in a corner to give you fully charged batteries whenever you need them. Charges four AA or AAA batteries overnight LED charge light […]


Energizer® Pro-charger

With a name like Pro Charger, you know you can expect high performance charging and great savings over disposable batteries, you can charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA batteries in just 3 hours. The perfect solution for all your power needs. Audio and LED charging status Primary batter detection and reverse polarity protection Automatic […]


Energizer® Maxi Charger

The Energizer Maxi Charger is an exceptional everyday battery charger for all your essential devices. Charges up to four AA or AAA batteries overnight Easily identifiable color changing lights that show consumers straight away where their AA and AAA batteries are in the charging process. Primary batter detection and reverse polarity protection Automatic timer shut-off […]


Energizer® 1 hour Charger

The Energizer 1 Hour Charger is the ideal fast battery charger. You can use it at home, or take it with you wherever you go. Charges up to four AA or AAA batteries in just one hour LED charge-light tells you when batteries are charging Primary battery detection and reverse polarity protection Safety timer to […]


Energizer® Universal Charger

The Energizer Universal Charger is the ideal, versatile battery charger for all the family. It charges the five most popular battery sizes, so everyone always has the power they need. Charges AA, AAA, C, D and 9V rechargeable batteries Fast, safe charging to AA or AAA batteries from 3 to 5 hours LCD panel indicating […]

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