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Work Lighting

Reliable torches for all your work requirements
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Atex Headlight
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Atex Headlight
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Atex Headlight

Energizer® Atex Headlight

Intrinsically safe light


  • Class 1, Division 1 rated
  • The light pivots, to direct the beam where it’s needed
  • It features four light modes – high and low on the white beam, red for night vision, and green for inspection work
  • Flip-up lens which diffuses the spotlight to a broad area-light
  • It’s rear-mount battery pack distributes the weight evenly, so it’s much more comfortable to carry
  • Non-slip strap stays put
  • Extremely long-lasting – designed to last 15 years
  • Shatterproof lens
  • Works with 3×AA batteries

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