Pedro is a 6-year-old boy who lives with his father, Hugo, and his mother Adriana. Hugo is a Puestero, or ranch hand, who tends his goats and sheep, warding off the foxes and pumas that are common in the mountains.

Every day, Pedro and his brother Sebastian walk 3-4km to school, arriving around noon and staying until dusk. By the time they get back home it’s already dark and before Energizer® arrived at their small rural school in the fall of 2011, they spent every evening around a smoky kerosene lamp — their homes only source of light.

Pedro’s life changed when a team from Energizer® and One Million Lights appeared one day at his school with a donation of Energizer® solar lights. Now Pedro and Sebastian are able to study at home in the evenings, his mother can continue with the housework, and Hugo is able to tend his animals in the dark. In addition, the money they’ll save on kerosene will go towards much-needed items, such as food and medicine.

Portuguese, Portugal