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Energizer® Watch Batteries – 377/376
Energizer® Watch Batteries - 377/376
Energizer® Watch Batteries - 377/376

In 1957, Energizer® made the first watch battery – and people stopped winding their watches. Today, there are over 46 different types of watch battery on the market, making something that started out as simple much more complex.

We have a full range of watch batteries for all types of battery powered watches, including a new and unparalleled advancement in watch battery design that brings simplicity to a complex world – Energizer® Multi Drain.

Utilising innovative cell chemistry, multi-drain batteries display the best characteristics of both high drainage and low drainage batteries. Now, you only need one battery regardless to power requirements. Energizer® multi-drain technology will give you the same great performance in all low and high-drain devices, from a simple analogue watch to the most complex digital, electronic watches.

The benefits of Energizer® zero-mercury multi drain Batteries

  • They are high performance – equivalent to our mercury-containing battery range
  • They have a long shelf-life – so they’re always ready when you need them

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