Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors
Surge Protectors
Surge Protectors

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Surge Protectors

Protect your electronic devices against overvoltage with this new range of surge protectors.


From 1 to 5 power sockets, you can easily protect all your Home-cinema or office devices.
Each device is equipped with additional USB ports to charge & protect your portable devices (smartphones, tablets…)

  • Child protection
  • Protection indicator: 1x LED
  • USB output : 5V / 2.1A (Total)
  • Current / Voltage: 16 Amp / 250V
  • Clamping voltage: 750V max.
  • Energy: 918J (on 3 Lines)
  • EMI / RFI Noise filtering up to 40Db
  • Max current: 36.000 Amp
  • Max voltage: 6.000V
  • Response time: <1ns
  • Bandwith: 150KHz – 100MHz

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