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Alkaline Batteries

Long lasting and reliable energy for all your device needs
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Max – AAA
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Max - AAA
Energizer<sup>®</sup> Max - AAA

Energizer® Max – AAA

Long lasting energy with NO Leaks Guaranteed*. Designed to protect your devices against damaging leaks. Dependable energy for your everyday devices.

  • Long lasting energy when you need it
  • Designed to protect* your devices
  • Holds energy for up to 10 years**
  • Makers of the World’s first zero mercury alkaline battery***

* Won’t leak in your device for up to 2 years after full discharge

** Shelf life

*** Commercially available in 1991

This will work in your: Large Torch, MP3 Player, Wireless Gaming Control, Bluetooth Headset, Camera, Torch, Remote, Portable Gaming, Walkie Talkie, GPS, Toy Car, Big Toy, Clock, Baby Monitor, Personal Organiser

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