Energizer® BP112

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Energizer<sup data-src=® BP112" data-full="https://energizer.eu//da/wp-content/uploads/sites/113/2015/10/E300694702-3.jpg" />
Energizer<sup data-src=® BP112" data-full="https://energizer.eu//da/wp-content/uploads/sites/113/2015/10/E300694702.jpg" />

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Energizer® BP112

Practical and compact torch


The Energizer® Compact Torch is the ideal light for handbags and pockets. It has a large lens for a wide beam and a pressure switch designed for easy power on/off. The Compact Torch also has a convenient hanging hook to provide hands-free light when needed.

  • Large lens for a wide beam
  • Pressure switch designed for easy power on/off
  • Convenient hanging hook
  • Works with 1 x 3R12 battery
Light Mode Beam
Lumens 14
Run Time (h) 5
Beam Distance 70

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