Energizer® LED Lantern

Energizer® LED Lantern
Energizer® LED Lantern
Energizer® LED Lantern

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Energizer® LED Lantern

A reliable LED lantern - for whatever work you do


Bright and dependable, the ENERGIZER® LED Lantern is a great choice for everyday needs. Featuring long lasting LED technology, this ergonomic solution also shines up to 5X brighter than standard LED technology. With POWER SWITCH technology, users also receive the flexibility to operate with either 2 or 4 batteries. Users can be ready for everyday or emergency situations with just 2 D batteries, or they can extend runtime for days on 4 D batteries. With hours and hours of clear, uniform light, users will be prepared for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor tasks.

  • Designed to float on water
  • Powerful reflector & lens
  • Easy to hold handle
  • Anti-roll detail
  • 1 LED
  • Works with 2 x or 4 x D batteries (not included)

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